Hear what educators have to say about gotFeedback

I have never been able to provide such timely feedback
I have never been able to provide such timely feedback as I have with gotFeedback. Treating students' submission of evidence as a conversation is a wonderful change to the learning cycle.
Dr. David Eddy
Science Teacher, Linconshire, IL, USA
Empower students to take ownership of their learning
One of the things I appreciate most about gotFeedback is their commitment to empowering students to take ownership of their learning journey. The platform provides students with opportunities to visualize their learning process and track their progress over time, which not only helps them to see their own growth but also gives them the tools they need to continue to develop and learn.
Colleen Dawson
Winnipeg School Division, MB, Canada
gotLearning is a game changer
As a teacher who relies on feedback and ongoing student interaction, gotFeedback is a game changer. It’s incredibly user friendly and saves me a ton of time. And students can easily curate a portfolio of their learning evidence as it happens. It’s the first platform that compliments my pedagogy.
Dave Frangiosa
Pascack Hills High School, NJ, USA
"That was the best feedback ever!" exclaimed one of my students
"That was the best feedback ever!" exclaimed one of my students upon completing her final draft of an essay we collaborated on using gotLearning. gotFeedback has helped me grow over time by providing an intuitive and time-saving platform. By prioritizing learning, feedback and student agency, student and teachers can focus on what matters: progress and growth.
Barry Frank
Queens School of Inquiry, New York, NY, USA
I love the back and forth conversations I can have with students
gotFeedback has given my students an opportunity to showcase their work in a clear simple format similar to a digital notebook. I love the back and forth conversations I can have with students about their work and now parent view allows for a window into their child’s world at school.
Heather Brothers
St. Peter High School, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Providing individual students what they need
Creating an effective differentiated classroom is, in my opinion, one of the most challenging things for a teacher. Students in my heterogeneously grouped math class are all working at different levels and need a different option than a one size fits all model. For years I wanted to give students work that is in their "educational sweet spot" but logistically it was nearly impossible.  gotFeedback's platform allows me to not only give individual students what they need when they need it but it also gives me the ability to give them actionable written and video feedback on their work.
Andrew Burnett
Math Teacher, FA Day Middle School, Newton, MA USA