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gotLearning Joins NVIDIA Inception Program

gotLearning is part of NVIDIA's Inception program, gaining access to deep learning expertise and cutting-edge technology to develop AI solutions for education and launching gotFeedback, a free AI feedback tool for teachers.

gotLearning is thrilled to be part of the prestigious Inception program, sponsored by NVIDIA. This virtual accelerator provides startups with valuable tools, resources, and expertise to develop cutting-edge AI and data science solutions. NVIDIA, a renowned provider of GPU technology, powers AI, machine learning, and data science applications. Through the Inception program, gotLearning gains access to NVIDIA's deep learning expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and a supportive community of AI and data science professionals.

gotLearning is also proud to be a member of the NVIDIA Developer Program, a dynamic community of developers, researchers, and innovators who leverage NVIDIA technologies to create innovative solutions. As a member of this program, gotLearning will have access to NVIDIA's latest hardware and software resources, including SDKs, libraries, and tools, along with comprehensive training and support from NVIDIA's team of experts.

These programs mark a significant milestone for gotLearning, granting us access to cutting-edge technology and expertise that will accelerate the development of our AI tools. We are excited to work closely with NVIDIA and fellow members of these programs to shape the future of education.

At gotLearning, we firmly believe that safe and responsible AI can help schools and teachers meet the diverse needs of all learners. We eagerly anticipate training AI models to be ready to help teachers in regard to student learning.

Furthermore, we are excited to announce the launch of our first AI feedback tool, gotFeedback, available to use for free at This innovative tool empowers teachers to receive suggested feedback on student learning evidence. This moderated approach allows a safe and easy onramp for a teacher to try using AI in their classrooms. This is the lite version of our AI feedback tools. To try the full featured version it is integrated into gotLearning. View a short video of AI feedback in gotLearning.

Visit the gotFeedback Help Center for webinars, how-to videos and teaching strategies.

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