AI Tools for Teachers

AI Tools can be an absolute help to teachers. However, these tools generate even more data for us about each of our student's learning. We are here to help! This is exactly why we built gotFeedback!

gotFeedback ProTeacher

  • A full featured platform to capture and communicate about student learning as it happens
  • 10,000 Word Limit Per Document (Text, PDF, MS Word & Google Docs)
  • Stores AI Generated Feedback in a Student’s Record
  • Teacher Custom AI Prompt Manager (Save your prompts and easily reuse them)
  • Ability to Receive Feedback on Google Docs
  • Learning conversations that allow for you and your students to provide feedback via text, audio, video, files as well as AI - no more copying and pasting!

Feedback Lite

  • Just for Feedback
  • 1,500 Word Limit Per Document (Text, PDF and MS Word only)
  • Does Not Store AI Generated Feedback
  • Does Not Have AI Custom Prompt Manager
  • Does Not Include Google Docs
  • Limited to 100 Queries Per Day
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